Please contact or text info to: 863-990-1569 to have your information added to our Directory List of Members and Friends of Calvary Baptist Church. If you are not a member of Calvary Baptist, Woodville, please give me the reason you would like to be included in our Directory.  If you would like to just receive email notifications, please ask to just register your email account.  Thank you 

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Barton, Johnnie & Wilda Image
Barton, Johnnie & Wilda

Haak, Missy Image
Haak, Missy

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Miller, Jean

Mott, Judy Image
Mott, Judy

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Nugent, Joyce & Diana

Pastor Moye, Tony & Wanda Image
Pastor Moye, Tony & Wanda

Petri, Chuck Image
Petri, Chuck

No Image Uploaded
Salo, Mike & Tammy

Simpson, Terri Grace Image
Simpson, Terri Grace

Spoon, Clayton & Kathy Image
Spoon, Clayton & Kathy

Unsworth, Hubert & Shirley Image
Unsworth, Hubert & Shirley

Vallee, Nancy Image
Vallee, Nancy